What is StoryCorps?

StoryCorps is a nonprofit project that collects stories about people’s lives. Watch this 3-minute video created by StoryCorps founder Dave Isay:

For UUCV StoryCorps was conducted via Zoom. Each topic was related to UUCV or UU identity in some way.

Why UUCV StoryCorps?

One common purpose many of us have in being part of a faith community is connection: finding likeminded friends, bonding over shared experiences, and broadening our worldview by learning about experiences and identities different from ours. UUCV StoryCorps grew from a desire to help the UUCV community find new ways to stay connected with each other while continuing to learn and grow together. Watch this short video to see examples of UUCV StoryCorps interviews:

What topics were discussed?

What aspect of your life do you feel most proud of? What relationships in your life are most meaningful to you? What is a unique experience you have had that you’d like to tell us about? From the experience of parenthood, to interesting travel and hobbies, to your experience of gender or ethnicity – everyone has a story to tell. Click here to see all of the available StoryCorps interview topics.

How can I watch past StoryCorps interviews?

View our archive of UUCV StoryCorps interviews on our YouTube channel by clicking here.