Our congregation is committed to practicing generosity to communities in need beyond our walls. During our offering collection on Sunday mornings, we have a practice of dropping loose change into a basket for the purpose of supporting organizations dedicated to changing lives for better. Of course, more than change is often donated by check or specifying the CTFW Fund on our Online Donation Form.

Want to put forth a worthy organization?  Follow these guidelines to nominate a Change for the World Recipient.

Change for the World…July through September 

Our Change for the World for July – September is RECYCLE BICYCLE HARRISBURG (RBH). RBH repairs older donated bicycles, making them safe to ride, and gives them away to lower income kids and adults. The kids get healthful recreation; oftentimes the bikes enable the adults to commute to their jobs. It is a 501(c)3 with no paid staff. Volunteers teach bike repair; in fact, learning safety and basic maintenance is frequently a prerequisite to receiving a free bike.  Volunteers also keep all functioning and organized, do the grant writing, provide pro bono legal services, track data, and maintain the space. Our money will help Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg buy tools and replacement parts. In 2019 a new trailer was purchased — to be their bike shop on wheels which RBH takes to community events to reach people where they (and their bikes) are. Even with Covid in 2020 their volunteers put in over 3,500 hours repairing over 1,300 bikes; in 2019 it was over 7,000 volunteer hours. Be inspired at https://rbhburg.org

Recycle Bicycle promotes the inherent worth and dignity of every person — including economically disadvantaged children and adults; justice, equity and compassion in human relations — kids should be able to have a bike of their own; adults without cars should be able to get to and from their workplace; and respect for the interdependent web of all existence — plus it promotes healthy exercise and socialization — in the out-of-doors.

Change for the World…April through June 

Safe Harbour has been providing secure housing for homeless and nearly homeless children and adults for more than three decades, having served thousands of people since opening its doors in a historic former hotel in downtown Carlisle in 1986.

Their mission is to provide housing, support services and basic life skills for individuals and families, while helping them achieve independent living. Safe Harbour provides a home base for otherwise homeless families. The programs within are designed to increase “the inherent self-worth and dignity” of each individual entering their doors. For more specifics on the organization, please visit www.safeharbour.org

Change for the World…January – March 2021

YWCA Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Services of Cumberland County  This program offers a 24-hour Hotline for victims of rape and sexual assault, accompaniment to legal and medical proceedings, individual counseling for victims and their significant others, support groups, advocacy, and prevention/education programs to civic groups and students in Cumberland County schools. Specifically, services provided include: 24-hour toll-free Hotline, Counseling, Medical and Legal Advocacy, Protection from Abuse Orders, Preventative Education Programs, Girlz Camp (week long camp for teens who have been victims of sexual abuse) and the Hero Project (a community based child sexual abuse prevention program to motivate adults to report child sexual abuse.) All Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Services are free and confidential. ywcacarlisle.org

Change For The World—October, November, December 2020

The next CFTW will be Hope Station, 149 West Penn Street, Carlisle, PA 17013.

Hope Station is a non-profit designed to enhance the quality of life, health, safety, and economic opportunities of the people who live in the neighborhood it comprises. Hope Station is not just a building. Hope Station seeks to lift up the entire neighborhood by tackling our most difficult problems through education, technology, job development and most importantly, teaching our children to become leaders by learning to respect themselves and others. Hope Station has a commitment to unity and pride, and embraces the success and diversity of its families. www.hopestationcarlisle.org

The Social Justice Committee has decided that our CFTW will be changed each quarter instead of each month allowing offerings to accumulate for three months in order to give recipients larger sums.

Change for the World – Community CARES  May 2020 – September 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Community Cares has moved into the Stuart Community Center in order to practice social distancing and has moved its most vulnerable and sick residents into hotel rooms to help curb the spread of the virus. They currently have a Census of approximately 60 people and are operating on a skeleton staff. Their resources are being stretched to the limit right now, as need is up and donations are down.

Change For The World – Kids Café at Hope Station  April 2020

Kids Café, a program of Hope Station, located in Memorial Park, Carlisle, offers children a healthy after school snack, Monday through Friday from 2:45 to 4:15.  This time also offers a chance for children to work on homework and relax in a supportive environment.  There are currently 130 children registered for this program.

Hope Station is a non-profit designed to enhance the quality of life, health, safety, and economic opportunities of the people who live in the neighborhood it comprises. Hope Station is not just a building.  Hope Station  seeks to lift up the entire neighborhood by tackling our most difficult problems through education, technology, job development and most importantly, teaching our children to become leaders by learning to respect themselves and others.  Hope Station has a commitment to unity and pride, and embraces the success and diversity of its families.  www.hopestationcarlisle.org

You can also donate at https://uucv.org/stewardship/donate-to-uucv/  or mail a check to UUCV, PO Box 207, Boiling Springs, PA  17007.   Please indicate that your donation is for CFTW.

Change For The World – Pad Pantry   March 2020

The YWCA Carlisle and the Carlisle Area School District have teamed up to make sure menstrual hygiene products are distributed to local middle school students.

The Pad Pantry will provide “dignity and basic needs to young women and girls in Cumberland County,” The products are expensive and may be out of reach for vulnerable populations including students, people facing an income crisis and those living in shelters, the YWCA said. Taxes on these products make the situation worse for many.

An Always Confidence & Puberty study showed one in five girls in the United States left school early or missed school entirely because they didn’t have access to menstrual products. In fact, 143,000 girls in New York City alone have missed school because their family couldn’t afford period protection. The number is 88,000 girls in Los Angeles; 65,000 girls in Chicago; 57,000 girls in Atlanta; and 38,000 girls in Houston, the news release said.

Our CFTW donations will be used to purchase these products.

Change For The World – Project SHARE Souper Bowl  February 2020
Souperbowl.org was founded in 1990 encouraging youth groups to lead the charge and inspire others through events, collections and other creative ideas that leads to the goal of helping to feed the community where they live.  The event, which runs from November through February, asks them to focus on the 1 in 6 children and 1 in 9 adults who face food insecurity year round in Cumberland County.

UUCV will join the fight to end hunger by giving to Project SHARE’s Souperbowl as our CFTW in February 2020.  All change collected will go towards purchasing need food for those in our community who face hunger.  $1 received by Project SHARE can provide 6 meals.

Change For The World – Carlisle Area Ride Service (CARS) January 2020

The Carlisle Area Ride Service, or CARS, is a free service provided by volunteers to low-income residents with limited access to transportation. CARS has covered more than 1,500 miles transporting more than 100 clients to medical appointments, job interviews, the Project Share food bank, school meetings, career training services, and the Social Security and Welfare offices.

CARS volunteer drivers are dedicated to helping ensure that lack of transportation is not a barrier to good health, well-being, and personal success. Local social service organizations, including Community CARES, Domestic Violence, Safe Harbour, the Salvation Army, Career Link, and Cumberland County Housing, have referred their clients to CARS for transportation support.

CARS has no paid staff. The money collected in January will go towards website hosting and associated expenses, the phone line, and materials for getting their information out there.

CARS can always use more drivers to supplement the current roster of 17. Occasionally there are times when there are more people needing rides than available drivers. To sign up please go to their website, carlislearearideservice.com, or email carlislears@gmail.com.

Recent CFTW recipients

American Indian College Fund

Alder Health Services

World Food Program USA

UUA – The Promise and the Practice Campaign

UUA Initiative

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail Council

Save the Lake

UU Hurricane Disaster Relief

One America Appeal

South Central Community Action Program

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Cumberland Valley Habitat for Humanity

National Mama’s Bail OUt

LGBT Center of Central PA

Farmers on the Square

Project Share

Carlisle CARES for the Homeless

Operation Veterans Hope

Peace Promise

Guidelines for Change for the World (CFTW)

The Social Justice Committee of UUCV uses the following guidelines in choosing Change for the World recipients that are recommended by congregants or members of the Committee:

Funds collected will be donated to organizations or groups providing needed services that are in keeping with UUCV’s mission and the UU principles.  Special consideration will be given to local groups for whom a donation of $200-$300 dollars might be crucial.

UUCV members who wish to nominate a recipient of CFTW are required to submit a UUCV CFTW Proposal form (located on the SJC table in the Social Hall).  Proposed nominations will be reviewed by the UUCV Social Justice Committee on a quarterly basis.

For more information, please contact a member of the Social Justice Committee.