Reopening Policy (December 8, 2021)

This policy is implemented to replace the Phased Reopening Plan previously enacted by the Board of Trustees to govern UUCV’s return to worship in our church after closure due to Covid-19.

All people over the age of two must wear a mask that covers nose and mouth at all times while inside the building. The speaker at the pulpit may remove mask while speaking and children under age 4 in the nursery will be encouraged to mask if caregiver brings a mask for them.

The BMOD will incorporate an announcement about mask requirements during their welcome.

Service leaders will insert an additional reminder about proper mask wearing as needed during the service. Getting used to this as a service component will remind people to keep their masks on properly without calling out individual congregants from the chancel.

Ushers will inform folks that cameras are positioned so that the Annex is not on camera (a no camera zone) in case they have privacy concerns.

Pews available for seating will be clearly marked, such that each household can sit at least six feet from the next household. At least two ushers per service will remain inside the sanctuary to help make sure that people sit at proper distances and to pass out extra masks if needed.

Only the UUCV Singers will be permitted to sing in the sanctuary – with masks on to create videos but not during the service.

Windows in the sanctuary will remain cracked open during services, and we recommend folks bring coats and scarves into the sanctuary when it is cold. We will continue to explore other options for safe ventilation.

The Social Hall will remain closed for now to help ensure distancing and proper mask wearing. Folks may gather outside after service and caregivers of young children may use the Social Hall to feed or care for children during service.

Water fountains should not be used at this time. Please bring your own filled water bottles from home if needed.

Nursery care will be provided during the service (when possible) by vaccinated staff wearing N95 masks at all times. Masks for kids 4 and under will not be mandatory inside the nursery. If a caregiver brings a mask for a child, nursery staff will encourage them to wear it but will not be able to guarantee compliance.

The RE Committee will meet to discuss options for RE for children over nursery age. Services will remain multigenerational for now so that households stay together, to give us time to plan distancing in the classrooms, train volunteers and renew background checks, and to make sure families have time to get their kids vaccinated. We will launch in-person RE programs during services as soon as possible.

While these precautions are inconvenient for staff, volunteers, and congregants, we believe it is important to exercise caution as we return to worship in our sanctuary. These restrictions will be eased gradually as appropriate.

Click here to view current COVID data for Cumberland County.