2020 Auction

From the Auction Committee:

The 2020 Fall auction has kicked off and the committee is searching for donated items to be auctioned to benefit our church. 

For those of you not in the know, we on the auction committee have opted to try an online auction for fall instead of a live one due to the current pandemic concerns. There are other irons currently in the fire for after the New Year, so stay tuned. It is our hope to have the live auction and party atmosphere in May 2021, pandemic conditions permitting.

As promised, I am including in this announcement the information you will need to participate in the auction. We are using an auction site that operates much like E-Bay, so registering and bidding is very easy. You go to the website https://www.32auctions.com/UUCV2020 and our auction will come up. If you just wish to browse, you may do so, but to bid, you must register. It’s very simple and 32auctions does not share your information.

We look forward to seeing what you have to donate and as this auction is public and open to any bidders registered with 32auctions.com, it is our hope this online auction can be a success. I would also like to say that this auction is for “hard items” only. Sign ups and wish items hopefully will come at a later date. With all that said, here is how to participate:

This is the link to the auction website. You may visit it when you like to view items that are posted there and even register if you like. You will not, however be able to bid until the actual auction begins at midnight on November 27, 2020. After that, you may continue bidding until 11:59 pm on December 14, 2020.https://www.32auctions.com/UUCV2020

For those of you unsure about how to prepare a donation for an online auction, we on the committee have prepared a brief tutorial.

How to describe your item

1. Start with a title or name the item.

2. Be brief but descriptive. In three or four lines at most, give details about the item that may entice the bidder.

3. Include the dimensions.

4. Include an asking price. This is the price that you will not sell for any lower. All items must be worth at least $25.00 to start.

5. If you are willing to arrange a viewing of larger priced items with a potential bidder before the close of the auction, please state “In-person viewing can be arranged.” The bidder’s phone number will be provided to you to schedule a mutually agreed upon meeting.

When ready, email your pictures and description to:UUCVauction2020@gmail.com

RJ Lesch and Cathy Dewalt will see that your item(s) get on the auction block.

Take note that all items submitted for bidding must be worth at least $25.00. When the auction ends, bidders and sellers will be notified and winning bidders can make arrangements with the seller for picking their items up. Sellers will collect a check or cash from the bidder and forward it to the church office. Please indicate with the submission your name and that the cash or check is for the auction.

   Please help make our first online auction a success!