UUCV – Birthday Bash!

These events are still available for you to attend. If interested, contact the host, or Pam in the office [email protected] to sign up. Send your check to the church office: UUCV, PO Box 207, Boiling Springs, PA 17007. Make sure to mark “Birthday Bash” in the memo line.

Sept 30 $20 each Campfire at Kapp Cottage. An evening campfire with snacks, drinks, singing and of course good conversation will make this a meaningful connection.

Sept 30 $15 each Ever been to the famous BB’s (a.k.a. Bents, Bumps and a Bunch of Bargains) in Newburg? If not, here’s your chance to receive a guided tour of this iconic store known for it’s INCREDIBLE savings on all kinds of items on Saturday, September 30. Breakfast will be provided beginning at 8:15 by your guides, Carole & Tom DeWall, and then they will transport you to BBs for a memorable outing. Seven places are available.

Oct 7 $35 each 1016 An Evening in the moonlight hosted by Cathy Dewalt. Rain date Oct 14. Cathy Dewalt will host six adults on my deck. It will be a nice evening of good music with good people and good conversation. Dance if you wish by the fire and torch lights after the sun goes down. There will be finger food along with steamed shrimp and lump meat crab cakes. Cold beer, Coca Cola, or water for beverages. This is an adults only event please. The price is per person and starts at 6 PM.

Oct 8 $35 1017 Michael and Rebecca will host a breakfast buffet for 6. Bloody Marys and mimosas will be served alongside breakfast/lunch food. Vegetarian or gluten free available on request.

Oct 14 $20 each 1018 Michael and Rebecca will host a casual supper $30 for family (sloppy joes, coleslaw and baked beans). We’ll make s’mores around the fire. There’s a corn maze down the road (at Maple Lane Farm) if you want to stop there first. Either way, supper will start at 5:30. Vegetarian or gluten free available upon request. Bring a lawn chair if possible.  20ish people including children.

Oct 21 $25 1019 Beatles Songbook Night.  7 -10 PM Offered by Brian McPherson and Susan Vernon at the Home of Susan Vernon, 1108 Linn Drive, Carlisle. The Beatles songbook contains over 120 great numbers. Brian has the music. You can find the lyrics  on your phone, or maybe you know them by heart, like me. Pick your favorites and sing along or just listen while you enjoy delicious snacks and good beverages. 

Oct 29 $35 1020 Michael and Rebecca will host a breakfast buffet for 6. Bloody marys and mimosas will be served alongside breakfast/lunch food. Vegetarian or gluten free available upon request.

MAD $50 1022 Hot pot demonstration dinner hosted by Chris Kapp in the church kitchen. Learn about different traditional Asian foods and cooking techniques, enjoy a fun, communal Hot pot dinner together. For 6 people. Will host twice if there is enough interest.

MAD $50 1023 Join Chris Kapp in the church kitchen and learn to make your own filled dumplings. You’ll go home with several dozen dumplings with the filling of your choice. Limited to two people at a time. Will offer up to three times.

MAD $20 1024 Lisa Balig will host a game night at her house. Learn to play some offbeat board games, make some new friends and have some fun. BYOB, snacks provided. For eight people and can be family friendly and adult themed. Will offer twice if there is enough interest.

MAD varies 1025 Curious about your family history? If you would like to have some old family documents in German translated into English, hand them to Gisela Roethke. They will be handled confidentially. Bring them in a folder with your name on it. She will translate each individual document for $20 for 100 words. Up to 5 people with up to 5 documents each.

MAD $30 1026 A DRAWING OF YOUR D&D CHARACTER Get an original drawing of your Dungeons & Dragons character! John Simcoe is one of our resident artists here at UUCV, and he particularly focuses on comic book, sci-fi and fantasy line art. If you win this auction, John will work with you to draw your D&D character (or another original character from your favorite story or game).  

How it works: John will need a copy of your character sheet or dossier, plus a chance to talk to you about what you’re expecting. As John works on the character design, he’ll share you progress images to make sure things are looking great. Once the details are settled, John will deliver you the final inked drawing on 8.5×11 (or larger) paper.  

You’ll get: The original pen & paper line drawing of your character plus a fully-colored digital version for use in any online portals you game with. 

Number of winning bidders: Up to 4 (Four people can bid $30 each, and John will do a drawing for each)es. This is an adults only event please. The price is per person.

April 16 $15 for 1 1027 UUCV Mugs $20 for 2

April 16 $20 1028 RE Note Cards – Purchase a pack of 10 notecards created by our Religious Education children celebrating Women in History. Add $5 and complete mailing information if you want notecards mailed to someone.

Bidding Items

MAD = mutually agreed upon date

Bidding items start at the price shown below.

MAD $35 2001 Traditional cheesecake. Delivery within a 10 mile radius of our Carlisle home. Since 1977 my family has wanted none other than this recipe. 9 inch (12 servings) graham cracker crust, with  cream cheese, eggs, flour, and touch of lemon for the main layer. Sour cream, sugar, vanilla top layer. 

April 16 $40 2002 Deb Genet will offer a garden gift basket of seed starter dirt mix and microgreens grow kit, lavender seed kit and sunflower seed kit, assorted flower and vegetable seeds, garden scissors and seed starter pots, lavender soap and knee pads, pruners/loper set and trowel, hand rake and gloves and 2 butterfly stakes All in a planter container.

MAD $75 2003 Rev Meg will deliver a sermon on the topic of your choice.

MAD $20 2004A&B Phoebe Humpton will make cranberry orange Scones. Either 6 large or 12 small scones for $20. Phoebe will make 2 s\orders of scones.

April 16 $15 2005A&B Cookies- Chocolate Chip by Lynn Michels One dozen chocolate chip cookies in each order.

April 16 $15 2006A&B Cookies – Molasses by Lynn Michels One dozen molasses cookies in each order.

April 16 $15 2007A&B Cindy Good’s Sand Tarts – 3 dozen per order. Offering 2 orders

April 16 $35 2008 Betsy Walters will offer a dog travel tote bag. The tote is a large size and sturdy. It will contain collapsible bowls, treats, a toy, water bottles, blanket and a  leash. Add a container of dog food and hit the road!!

MAD $200 2009 Matt Soper offers 3 hours of yard work, gardening, brush clearing, etc.

MAD $100 2010 Matt Soper offers target shooting (with firearms) at his house in Newville. Firearm basics, safety overview and Target shooting based on your level of comfort. 1-2 hours for 1-2 people

April 16 $50 2011 UUCV VIP Parking Space reserved for YOU from September 2023 – September 2024

Monthly $50 2012 Local artist Char Klein will create and mail one postcard per month to the person of your choosing for one year. The cards will be original pieces. The size of the card is 5 ½ x 8 ½.  Starting bid is $50.

MAD $100 2013 McKenzie Clark is offering  two individual estate planning packets or one packet for a couple (a will, financial power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and advanced medical directive). Each packet generally costs $600 or $1000 for a couple planning together. Here’s my website: https://www.mclarklaw.com/

MAD $12 2016A&B Dianne Dusman will provide a delicious juicy Home-made herbed 2 pound meatloaf, topped with a layer of smoked bacon, to the highest bidder on a date to be mutually agreed upon. Bidder may choose a savory mushroom sauce or tomato sauce to serve with the meatloaf. Fully cooked or ready to cook (with instructions). Enough to feed a family of 4 – 6, depending on size and appetite, of course.  TWO Meat loaves WILL BE OFFERED. 

 April 16 $20 2014 Lilies Body and Earth Spa Wicker Basket including bubble bath, shower gel, body scrub, bath salts, body lotion, body mist, potpourri, nail/cuticle wrap, foot sockies, face wraps, moisturizing hand gloves.

April 16 $ 2015 $50 Books, Books, Books – gift basket stuffed with a variety of books. Donated by Melissa Matson