Chance for Freedom PA

Join David Garlock, the PA State Organizer for Straight Ahead as they work to create a Geriatric/Medical Parole and to Abolish LWOP. He is hosting an event in Chambersburg on October 30th at 11 am at Memorial Park. This is for Franklin, Cumberland and Adams … read more.

CARES Meal for October

OCTOBER Carlisle CARES Meal –
A Fall Chili Dinner on Sunday, Oct 24

Chili Dishes Needed – 2 Meat Chilis

Corn Bread – 4  8×8 pans needed

Cole Slaw – 2 dishes needed

Fresh Fruit – Bananas

Thanks to everyone who donates to these meals. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Please contact … read more.

2021 Backpack Blessing Tokens

On September 12, we held our 2021 in-gathering ceremony and together, we blessed our 2021 Backpack Tokens. These are small tokens with a UUCV design and one of ten blessings phrases on a chain that you can easily attach to a backpack, purse, … read more.

Antiracism at UUCV

Anti-Racism Initiative

What can UUCV do to break down racial barriers in our community?  What actions are we interested in pursuing as a congregation?  Join us for a brainstorming session with Rev. Craig on Sunday, September 19th at 1:30pm on the church Zoom channel.  We can … read more.

Capital Campaign – Construction Now in Progress



The Changes are Amazing!
Those who have been in our building lately are amazed by the transformations.  Interior construction continues toward completion.  See the photos below for a preview of what we will see on our return to the building.


New Family Restrooms … read more.

CARES – September meal


A huge “Thank You” to all who continue to contribute and allow us to provide these meals.   Email Pam if you are able to donate.

The CARES Dinner for September will be an Italian Dinner.

The date is Sunday, September 19.

… read more.