Worship Information

We are now meeting in person in our Sanctuary at 10:30 am and have opened our Social Hall for coffee and visitation.
Our Religious Education for children are also meeting in person back in their Religious Education classrooms.
OR join us for worship on ZOOM. or “listen in” (without video) by telephone, by calling 646-876-9923 and entering Meeting ID 550 751 6685
The Worship theme for

April 7 – “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” Trauma is something that can happen to all of us — add in systemic oppression, and it’s a recipe for PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Join us as as “The Lisas”, our resident therapists, explore the complicated rivers of mental health, and the bridges we can build over these troubled waters.  Lisa Citarella leads the service with worship associate Lisa Balog.


“Let’s Talk About It” The service plan for April 14th has had to change significantly. Originally Derail Holcomb was scheduled to lead us that Sunday. However, due to unexpected circumstances, Derail had to cancel.
The board decided to change this setback to an opportunity for you to be heard.
There are several questions which have come up as a result of the cottage meetings. Additionally, there are rumors of plans and proposals from those meetings which deserve clarification.
During this service, you will be given the opportunity to respond to a series of questions which will be presented to you by a member of the board. Board members will be available to answer your questions as well. Jim Burton will lead/facilitate this program. We will have many of the elements of a traditional service except for the sermon and the reflection. This is your chance to speak up.
We know many of you feel very strongly about the direction of UUCV in either a positive or negative way. The board asks that you remember our principles during this discussion period. The facilitators job is two-fold. First, Jim needs to make sure all have a chance to speak. Second, Jim needs to ensure emotions do not end up causing an unnecessary argument. This discussion will not end up with UUCV making any immediate changes. This will help in understanding the kinds of things our minister search team should consider.
A short town hall will follow to summarize the worship service discussion which will include information received from the cottage meetings and our plan on a minister search. If possible, plan to attend the entire service to get a better understanding of our congregations thoughts.

April 21- “Earth Day”  Positive and Negative Externalities, Science and Feelings in the natural world. As time permits we will dig into who gets to formulate the hypothesis and how our feelings can mesh with science.  Brent Dickerson and Ryanne Mack lead the service with worship associate Michele Burton.

April 28 “Article II: Our Shared Values” –  Join us for a special all-ages worship service exploring the proposed changes to the UUA By-Laws Article II. We’ll take a deep dive into the 6 new proposed Shared Values: Justice, Equity, Transformation, Pluralism, Interdependence and Generosity. Many congregations are adopting the acronym JETPIG along with its adorable cartoon character. Let’s meet JETPIG and discuss ways we can live out our shared values every day. Lynn Sodora leads the service with worship associate Wendy Gebb.

Join us for in-person worship in our Sanctuary every Sunday at 10:30 am or on ZOOM. or “listen in” (without video) by telephone, by calling 646-876-9923 and entering Meeting ID 550 751 6685