The mission of our Small Group Ministry at UUCV is to encourage personal and spiritual growth, fellowship, and enhanced relationships.  The use of prepared questions and readings provides a focus for personal reflection and sharing.  The monthly small group meetings emphasize the practice of listening deeply to each other—in silence and without interruption.  As we share honestly and openly, we help each other to articulate our beliefs and draw closer to each other.  We grow and develop as a spiritual community that is grounded in the wisdom of our UU tradition.  Our lives are transformed by our beliefs and our practice of service projects that benefit our congregation and the wider community.

Our unique contributions to UUCV are reflected in our Mission Statement. We are not just a Sunday congregation or simply a social action organization. We are part of a faith tradition that acknowledges and celebrates the wisdom and knowledge from many sources. Our SGM program provides opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development in a safe context that are otherwise not readily available in our day-to-day activities. We believe that thinking, feeling, and speaking about our experiences are essential elements for spiritual growth. By connecting each other in circles of trust we create community that overflows into our congregation and the wider world.

The Strengths of SGM are based on our adherence to our group process which is constantly being reviewed and improved by the joint efforts of our Coordinating Team and our group facilitators. The Coordinating Team, which includes the active involvement of our minister, meets monthly to review the program and provide support and regularly scheduled training for the facilitators. The Coordinating Team also works with the UU Small Group Ministry Network to develop and promote this ministry throughout our UU denomination. Our greatest strength is the ongoing participation of our members and the positive feedback we receive from them. We currently have approximately 50% of our congregation participating in this program.

The Congregation’s Support of SGM is reflected in the participation of its members and the volunteer commitments made by the facilitators. There are currently nine groups with trained facilitators that meet once a month at the church or in members’ homes.  Nine of the groups are long term and ongoing.  The maximum size for each group is 8-10 members.  Our small groups are open to members and friends of UUCV. If you are not currently a member of our small group ministry program and are interested in more information about the program, please check the UUCV website and contact Reverend Aija, Anne Gero or Jim Burton.  Or email Pam

UUCV is an important community, both to its congregation and to the region. To maintain our viability, we rely upon the generosity of our members and friends. Please continue to offer your time, talents, and treasure in support of the church and its work.

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