The Finance Committee contributes to the UUCV mission of transforming lives and caring for the world by providing the financial structure to support all the work of the church. The committee is responsible for crafting the budget and acting as a steward for available funds. We focus on providing a stable financial base for the church.

The financial stability provided by the Finance Committee’s oversight is essential for the existence of UUCV. No organization can exist without a realistic budget and financial guidance. The committee makes efforts throughout the year to inform and educate the congregation on the status of the budget and the importance of stewardship.

Our dedicated committee members are one of our greatest strengths. We cooperate with all committees of the Board to create and implement the annual budget. This gives us a unique perspective on the current needs and future hopes of the congregation.

We welcome new committee members who have financial expertise and training. All members and friends of UUCV can support the function of the Finance Committee and the overall well-being of the church by contributing, to the fullest extent possible, to the annual budget drive and by acting individually as stewards of the congregation. If you are interested in more information, please check the UUCV website or email [email protected]

UUCV is an important community, both to its congregation and to the region. To maintain our viability, we rely upon the generosity of our members and friends. Please continue to offer your time, talents, and treasure in support of the church and its work.