Officers (2023 – 2024)

About the Board

UUCV Board Members form the leadership and fiduciary body of UUCV. As such they bring active leadership to UUCV, and act on its behalf in concert with UUCV ByLaws and the principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Board members bring policy ideas and governance issues and congregant concerns to the Board. Finally Board members continually engage with UUCV membership, to understand their views and concerns so that members concerns’ are represented in Board decision making.

Board Responsibilities

All UUCV Board members have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly Board meetings, which average 2 hours in length. Missing more than 3 board meetings in one year may result in dismissal from the Board.
  • Serve as Board Member of the Day approximately 3-4 times annually. This responsibility requires you to arrive at UUCV at 9:30am and remain until approximately one hour after services to lock the church, and follow other close-down procedures.
  • Serve as a Board Liaison on up to two UUCV committees. Maintain regular (monthly) contact with committee chairs, provide feedback, keep chairs abreast of Board actions; provide guidance on UUCV policies and procedures, troubleshoot; brainstorm. Provide written monthly reports to Board on committee activities.
  • Attend one annual Board retreat. Retreat consists of one day long gathering (typically Saturday morning/afternoon).
  • Assist the Board and/or UUCV with ad hoc tasks and projects. These could include tasks such as identifying contractors for building/maintenance, writing new UUCV policies, leading a fundraising initiative, or serving on a search committee for new UUCV staff.
  • Attend major events at the church, such as major holiday services, congregational meetings (twice annually) and fundraisers.
  • Other meetings as needed, such as special meetings as needed that are not regularly scheduled Board meetings.
  • Spend approximately 1 – 2 hours per week (privately) listening to congregants and directing them to proper channels.

Policies & Procedures

All Committee Chairs – Responsibilities

Behavior Policy

Building Use – Adopted

Building Use – Form

Buildings and Grounds Committee Procedures

Expenditure & Reimbursement

Food Allergy Awareness Policy

Fundraising Policy

Gift Policy

Job Responsibilities of Board Members

Minister’s Discretionary Fund Policy

Nominating Committee Policies and Procedures

Safe Congregation Policy

Small Group Committee

Social Justice Committee Procedures & Guidelines

Unsung Hero Award Procedures

UUCV Membership Committee Procedures

Worship Committee Procedures