2024-2025 Annual Stewardship/Budget Drive

Pledge commitments for the ABD will be effective starting July 1, 2024 and extend through June, 2025.

Click here to complete your financial commitment form online.

Frequently Asked Questions about the

2024-2025 Annual Budge Drive

  •  What is the process for making my pledge? At UUCV, we’re all about connections!  A steward may contact you to have a conversation to get you know you better, share your experiences and talk about your dreams for UUCV, and how reaching our goal will benefit our beloved congregation.  Together you’ll reflect on why giving to UUCV matters and the steward can help you fill out our online pledge form.
  •  When do the pledges take effect? The pledge year runs from 7/1/2024-6/30/2025
  •  What if I need to adjust my pledge during the year? If at any time you need to adjust your pledge, you may do so by contact the UUCV office. 
  •  By when do I need to make my pledge? We would like pledges to be submitted by April 15 so that the Budget Committee can then do their work.
  •  Do I have to use the online pledge form? No, you do not but we are trying to take advantage of new technology and streamline our processes so if you can make your pledge online, we would appreciate it.  If you cannot or are not comfortable doing so, you may use a paper pledge form and submit it.
  •  Is everyone expected to pledge? Our goal is that we have 100% participation!!  Every pledge is a commitment to our church and its mission, To Transform Lives and Care for the World.  We ask that you give whatever you are able and help us reach 100% participation. Every pledge is gratefully received no matter how great or small.