Our Sanctuary sound system includes eight personal hearing-assistance receivers.  If you find the ambient sound in the space is insufficient for your needs—whether or not you already wear a personal hearing aid—you may request a Sanctuary receiver from the greeter, usher, or sound technician at any time.

How to use our receivers

…with “T-Coil” hearing aids

If you wear hearing aids that are equipped with “T-Coils” (also known as “telephone coils” or “T-Switches”), we can provide you with a neckloop that will allow you to listen to our amplified Sanctuary sound directly through your own hearing aids.  Request a neckloop from the sound technician, then:

Click image for larger view.
  1. Place the neckloop over your head and around your neck as in the photo at right.
  2. Slide the cord lock upwards or downwards to a comfortable position.  This helps keep the neckloop in optimal position for coupling with your hearing aid.
  3. Plug the neckloop into the earphone jack on the personal receiver you will receive with the neckloop.  Turn the unit on and set the volume control to “3,” or about half of full volume.
  4. Turn the switch on your hearing aid to the “T” position and adjust the volume for comfortable listening.
  5. If the sound is weak, increase the volume first on the personal receiver, then on your hearing aid.

…with headphones

If you wear hearing aids without “T-Coils” (or no hearing aids at all), you may wear over-the-ear headphones that provide amplified Sanctuary sound with individual volume control.  UUCV owns several sets of these headphones which you may borrow, though you may also prefer to purchase and bring your own headphones—any headphones with a standard 3.5 mm mono or stereo plug (see this page for descriptions of plug sizes) will work with our receivers.

…with earbuds

If you prefer a more discreet solution than over-the-ear headphones, you may choose to use an earbud or set of stereo earbuds, though these cannot be used in conjunction with in-ear hearing aids.  Here too, UUCV owns several which you may borrow.  (We sanitize these earbuds after every use with alcohol, but if you are immunosuppressed in any way we recommend using your own dedicated ear pieces.  See this article in the Wall Street Journal for more details.)