Worship: “Yes, And…”

Conjunction Junction, are our words construction or dysfunction? Learn how a mindset shift from ‘yes, but’ to ‘yes, and’ can fuel optimism and growth, build bridges and open hearts. Rev. Chris Kapp preaches with worship associate Brent Dickerson. Max Mitchell will be our … read more.

Worship: “Water Ceremony: A Service for All Ages”

This Sunday we will celebrate our annual Water Communion.  Please bring a small container of water that symbolizes something special from your summer adventures.  This could be water from a summer vacation spot, or water from your backyard.  It could be water from your garden … read more.

Worship: “Checking In”

It’s the start of a new school year, a new church year — even though the calander says it’s still 2023, it’s a season of change and renewal. How can we check in with ourselves and each other to make the most of this pivotal … read more.