Worship: “Welcome”

All water was once a part of the ocean. All water returns to the ocean. We are all a part of this cycle of expanding and returning. As we return together, return to our sanctuary, let us all be Welcome!  Rev. Craig Schwalenberg preaches … read more.

Worship: “But it’s not FAIR”

Children want things to be fair. As adults, we try to strive for justice and equity, so why do we sometimes still stamp our feet when things don’t feel ‘fair’?  Chris Kapp preaches with worship associate Cheryl Parsons

NOTE: NEW ZOOM channel and … read more.

Worship: “Repair, Restore & Reimagine”

Our Unitarian Universalists Service Committee has chosen these words as their current motto. Considering the past year and looking to the year ahead, they seem like a good mantry for UUCV too.  Rev. Craig Schwalenberg preaches with worship associate Riley Johnson.

Join us for worship … read more.