Speaker: Lynn Sodora

Worship: “Love and Justice”

Join us for a special all-ages worship service celebrating our UU core value, LOVE. How can love lead us in the fight against injustice? Are we allowing our love of humanity and the earth to guide us in our daily lives? Are we actively doing … read more.

Worship: “Gratitude and Hope”

Join us for a very special all-ages worship services in celebration of Thanksgiving. One of our UU shared values is Generosity. Let us reflect on the ways that we embrace generosity with gratitude and hope. Lynn Sodora leads the service with our children and … read more.

Worship: “Water Ceremony: A Service for All Ages”

This Sunday we will celebrate our annual Water Communion.  Please bring a small container of water that symbolizes something special from your summer adventures.  This could be water from a summer vacation spot, or water from your backyard.  It could be water from your garden … read more.

Worship: “Backpack Blessing: A Service for All”

As we enter this back-to-school season, let’s explore the winding paths of learning and living during this fun and thought-provoking Service for All Ages. Bring your backpack, laptop case, purse, tote bag, briefcase and/or pencil box for our annual Backpack Blessing ceremony! Our Director … read more.

Worship: RE Sunday

 Join us for our end of the year celebration of UUCV’s Religious Education programming.  Everyone will gather in the Sanctuary at 10:30 am for service.  We will hear from our RE children and youth, as well as some of their teachers and parents.  This service … read more.