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Building and Room Use

Building and Room Use Philosophy

The Unitarian Universalists of Cumberland Valley (UUCV) rents portions or all of its building to outside parties in order to help defray operating and depreciation costs and occasionally to provide a venue for organizations that otherwise may have difficulty finding rental space. Regularly scheduled UUCV functions have first priority.

Permission may be granted to rent all or part of the UUCV building for events and activities that are consistent with Unitarian Universalist values, including cultural events, meetings, classes and other uses. Renters wishing to use our facilities must also agree and covenant that there is no discrimination in principle, membership, or participation against any creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender or ethnic group. Potential renters must complete the application form which specifies the scope and type of event. All renters must clearly indicate on any publicity that the event is not affiliated with the Unitarian Universalists of Cumberland Valley.

Room Use Descriptions

  • Sanctuary: Capacity 210 (UUCV Sound Technician must be hired to use the Sanctuary’s Sound Equipment)
  • Social Hall and Stage: Capacity 260
  • Kitchen and Dining Room: Capacity: 165

Room Use Rates Per Hour (3-Hour Minimum)

  • Sanctuary…..$75
  • Social Hall and Stage…..$50
  • Kitchen and Dining Hall…..$50 ($75 if using dishwasher)
  • Meeting Room…..$25
  • Sexton…..$50
  • Sound Technician…..$25 (Sound setup & teardown may require more than the 2-hour minimum)

A Sexton must be hired for any room usage. The purpose of the Sexton is to open and close the facility for building use; ensure that the building has been returned to order by the rental group at the end of the use; provide emergency contact should the need arise; and answer questions concerning the facility. Please note the Sexton does not provide setup, teardown or cleanup assistance. A Building/Room Use Condition Report and on–site inspection will be conducted with the renter prior to use.

Rentals uses which constitute a “series”, meaning a rental that uses the facility for a specified period of time each week, may be eligible for a reduced room rate. Request For Room Use form must be completed and submitted to the UUCV Administrator.

UUCV Room Use Stipulations

Smoking is prohibited within the UUCV building. You are responsible for picking up cigarette butts lying on the ground within the immediate vicinity of the building.

Wine and beer may be served, however, permission must be granted in advance by the Board of Trustees, which will review requests on a case-by-case basis. The Board is under no obligation to approve such use. Any organization granted permission by the Board of Trustees to serve wine and beer must obtain the proper Permit from the Liquor Control Board and furnish a copy of such permit to the UUCV Administrator prior to the scheduled event.

No animals are permitted within the building with the exception of documented and licensed guide dogs for the handicapped.

No artwork or other UUCV materials may be moved OR altered in any fashion. NO use of nails, clips or anything that will leave marks may be used for hanging decorations or other materials. Candles may be used with the permission of the Sexton.

No food or drink may be brought into the Sanctuary.

Room use does not include UUCV-owned utensils, flatware, glassware, linens, vase, candelabra or other decorative items or supplies. All items of this manner must be supplied by the renter. UUCV tables and chairs may be used as needed.

The piano is not available for use unless requested and used by the UUCV Music Director or designee. The piano is not to be moved.

A $300 refundable damage deposit for the Sanctuary, Social Hall and Stage or the Kitchen and Dining Hall is to be paid prior to the event before the event can be scheduled. This deposit will be returned, less applicable damage charges, within 2 weeks following the rental.
Renter is responsible for the security and conduct of all guests and guarantees that children will be under adult supervision.
The user is responsible for setting up, taking down and cleaning the area of use. All UUCV property must be returned to its original location prior to vacating the premises.

UUCV may require event insurance. If required, proof must be provided 2 weeks prior to the event or the event will be cancelled without notice. The intent of the insurance policy/rider covering non-UUCV event is to indemnify the UUCV against loss. Renter agrees to hold harmless UUCV, its agents, officers and members from liability for the consequences of the Renter’s negligence.

UUCV events have precedence over rental usage.

For more information about building use please contact UUCV at 717.249.8944 or email us at [email protected]