The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to develop and coordinate events and activities that raise funds to support the operation of UUCV separately from the annual pledge drive. The committee will fulfill its responsibilities as noted below:

  • Create a yearly schedule of desired fundraising events which will also allow new events and activities to be added.
  • Work to recruit additional UUCV members to both serve on the committee and head up the various events.
  • Review fundraising efforts each year and look for ways to improve the outcomes.
  • Communicate with the administrative director, treasurer and board of trustees regarding each fundraiser.


The committee will consist of the chair or co-chairs, the liaison from the BOT, the church administrator, and one member from each of the fundraiser subcommittees, as needed. (Current committees are the Auction, Yard Sales, Grocery Card Sales, the Souuper Bowl, and the Strawberry Shortcake sale.) The Treasurer is to be kept informed of the progress of these fundraisers and is welcome to attend any meetings, as are new congregants who wish to become involved.

The Fundraising Committee doesn’t function like other committees in that meetings are held on an as-needed basis for each fundraising subcommittee rather than monthly where all members must be present.

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