Special Services

While our primary worship time is Sunday, we gather together at other times to celebrate holy days in the life of our community and milestones in our lives.

We rejoice in the dedication of children, witness the joining of lives in matrimony and grieve together as we mourn our dead.

If you are interested in organizing a service please contact the office at [email protected]


Wild Woman Project

The Wild Woman Project is committed to the rewilding of our world, and the reclaiming of the Wild Feminine. Our New Moon Circles include a guided meditation, an intention setting ritual, and so much more. 
Each Circle is from 3-6pm. Please bring a journal/sketchbook, yoga mat, and a cushion. Sign-ups aren’t necessary at this time, and there is never a required fee. Please email our Circle Facilitator Riley Johnson to learn more! [email protected]

January 21st – Sustain

Showing up for your life takes a lot of effort, but you can’t pour from an empty cup! Come reconnect with what it means to rest, and explore the ways we can use boundaries to protect our precious energy.

February 18th – Heal

Healing is a messy process, but our scars tell our story. Come explore the medicine in our wounds, and consider what it means to offer our wisdom as a balm for the world.

March 18th – Surrender

Control is an illusion, but that doesn’t stop us from trying our best to grasp it! Come play with the idea of letting go, and remember what it means to honor the soul’s timing.

April 15th – Tend

We all burn with the fire of purpose, but sometimes our flames grow dim and we may fear they’ve gone out completely. Come connect with what it means to tend your heart, and to be rekindled.

May 20th – Reveal

If all the world’s a stage, when are we acting? When are we ourselves? Come explore the masks we wear, and what it means to put them on with intent.

June 17th – Radiate

Passion and play are our birthrights, but we’re often told we’re too much, or not enough. Come take up space and rediscover joy!

July 15th – Love

Love, love, love. It’s not just a thing we feel for a romantic partner, it’s a promise we make and a way we move in the world. Come explore what it means to perceive with love, and to connect with your pack.

August 12th – Embody

Echoing Brene Brown, we’re not thinking beings who occasionally feel – we’re feeling beings who occasionally think. Come reclaim sensuality, and explore what it means to be in your body.

September 16th – Empower

How much of our time is spent worrying about appearances, or comparing our lives to others? What would it look like to say yes to the things that make you happy instead of wading through the sea of “should”? Come as you are, as YOU want you to be.

October 14th – Pray

Prayer is something we all do all the time, but why? Whether it’s something we do in gratitude, or when we’re in need, it’s part of our unique human experience. Come lean into authenticity and reverence.

November 11th – Spark

When’s the last time something sparked your curiosity? Come remember how it feels to see the world with childlike wonder, and to remember why it’s so important to get excited about something new.


December 9th – Align

As above, so below. As within, so without. How do we know where to reach, and when? Come explore discernment, balance, and alignment.