The UUCV Religious Education program provides our children with a solid foundation in the UU principles. Through our popular “Spirit Play” program, younger children are given the opportunity to learn through play. This program has a three-part structure: a story focused on the UU Principles, time for reflection on their own or in small groups, and a return to the group for sharing their thoughts and insights.  Many different methodologies are offered for children to choose from for individual spiritual work.

The RE Committee, in conjunction with the Director of Lifespan Faith Development, makes the RE program possible. Committee members help to plan lessons and overall learning themes. Committee members organize regular fellowship events for families in the community and host “fun” days where the students engage in activities outside the classroom. Committee members help to recruit and appreciate teachers and support their work. Thanks to this combined effort, families with children are welcomed and integrated into the UUCV community. Children have age-appropriate outlets for learning about and understanding Unitarian Universalism, and parents can attend to their personal centering and spiritual needs by attending the worship service.

Spirit Play is the biggest strength of the UUCV RE program. We also offer classes and workshops for other age groups. We offer the excellent UUA/UCC “Our Whole Lives” sexuality education program for different age groups, which brings in youth from our congregation and the greater community. Another popular offering is the “Parents for Social Justice” series, which deals with topics from how to interact with media in the home to the use of “othering” language for those whose beliefs are distinctly different from beliefs in the home.

Members and friends can support the RE Committee in many ways. First, get involved! Bring your children to church regularly. Be a committee member, or a teacher, or a helper. Get to know the children of our congregation by becoming a “Kid for a Day” in one of our Spirit Play sessions. Interact with the Youth Group as they investigate grass-roots social change ideas such as rain gardens, growing food, reducing energy consumption, political action, and protecting endangered animals. Attend family-oriented events, even if you don’t have children in the program. Our community is enhanced when all age groups interact. If you would like more information, contact Lynn Sodora, Director of Lifespan Faith Development, [email protected]

UUCV is an important community, both to its congregation and to the region. To maintain our viability, we rely upon the generosity of our members and friends. Please continue to offer your time, talents, and treasure in support of the church and its work.

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