Rev. Meg Mathieson

Rev. Meg Mathieson is thrilled to serve UUCV as their minister. She is also a candidate for a Doctorate of Ministry through the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA.  Rev. Meg is currently writing a dissertation with the working title “Unitarian Mindfulness” which looks at the place of Mindful Self-Compassion within the future of our beloved denomination. A proud mom of 3 adult children and a border collie, Rev. Meg was brought up in a conservative Christian household. Originally Episcopalian, her family converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and her father became an ordained Eastern Orthodox priest. After 25 years in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Rev. Meg found herself unfulfilled with conservative Christianity. She discovered Unitarian Universalism in 2011, and experienced a feeling that is familiar to many UU converts: astonishment that my lifelong beliefs and philosophies were honored in this beautiful tradition.  (“Other people believe this too?  And it’s already a religion?  Where has this been all my life?!”)A true agnostic, Rev. Meg has a deep love and respect for all love-based faith traditions, and she affirms that there is no “correct” path up the mountain. She experiences the holy as a beautiful spark of divinity within each living thing, and her theology could be best described as panentheism.  Rev. Meg is a practitioner and teacher of both Mindful Self-Compassion and Laughter Yoga. 
Rev. Meg and her wife Nicky live in Dillsburg where they enjoy gardening, hiking, reading and laughing, and a “cottage-core” lifestyle. 
Rev. Meg’s scheduled hours are Wednesday – Friday from 9a – 2p.  You can reach her by email at