Adult RE – Sunday, September 29

These discussion sessions are held at 9:00 AM on the Sundays listed in the Board Room.
September 29: How We Choose our Beliefs – The word “beliefs” and “our beliefs” get bandied about as being fundamental to the core of who we are. Yet almost no one … read more.

Choir without mid-week rehearsals?

It’s true!  Like a fish pondering a bicycle, the UUCV choir is moving away from mid-week rehearsals and shifting to a Sundays-only model!

If you’ve ever considered joining the choir, but have difficulty committing to mid-week rehearsals, this is your chance!

If your schedule makes it difficult to … read more.

October Worship

The Worship Theme for October is “This Is My Song”

October 6:  “The Art of Translation” We often find ourselves in situations in which we need to translate our experiences into language that is familar to us. It is through such efforts that … read more.

Adult RE – September 15

These classes will be held on Sunday morning’s beginning at 9:00 am in the Board Room.

September 15: Naturalism Revisited
Naturalism maintains that the natural, material world is all that exists, that there is no supernatural realm and that the universe we inhabit is self-existing, not created.  … read more.

Interested in Sprucing up UUCV’s Memorial Garden

If you have an interest in helping to beautify our Memorial Garden, please join us on Sunday, September 22nd at 9:15 am in the Board Room.  We’d like to create a place of honor to memorialize those we love who have passed on.