Author: Pamela Martin

soUUper bowl Sunday

CALLING ALL COOKS to the 2nd annual UUCV SoUUper Bowl! Can you make a pot of soup to warm UUCV hearts and bellies on Sunday February 7? All proceeds go to the UUCV general fund. Last year this fundraiser earned over $900 for the church. … read more.

Holiday Schedule for Vespers

There will be no Vespers service on December 25 or January 1, but Vespers will be held on Tuesday, December 29 at 4:00.
We will return to our regular schedule for 2021 with Vespers on Tuesdays at 4:00 and Fridays at 3:00.  We will use our … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

It seems like every time we make a plan, the universe intervenes (which wouldn’t be a terrible description of 2020 in general!)  We know that your families are having similar conversations:  How do we continue our celebrations in ways that keep us all safe?  What … read more.

Online Auction Wrap-Up Information

To all participants in our first online auction.
Sellers of items – Please make contact with the winning bidder of your item. If they are not a church member, please collect the payment and forward it to the church when they pick up said item.
Winning Bidders – It … read more.