Author: Pamela Martin

UUCV Today

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These emails will provide you with information daily as well as any special announcements you may need.  This will replace our weekly PrE-Views until we can … read more.

New Request from CARES

CARES is requesting cash donations.
They need to be able to isolate sick folks in hotel rooms, and we have filled all the donated ones already. They still have people coughing and exhibiting symptoms in the general shelter population that we need to isolate. People can … read more.

We Need You…

WE NEED YOU for the lawn mowing team

We are recruiting for the 2019 UUCV lawn mowing team.  It’s easy exercise and a very much appreciated way to stay in shape.  The more volunteers we have…the fewer turns we have to take.

If you can spare … read more.


OK, this feels like a very different spring.  But some things go unchanged – the days get longer, flowers bloom, and UUCV’s landscape beds need TLC.  Even if you have never volunteered before, this a great time to start.  Gardening gets us outside, provides exercise, … read more.

Prayer/Meditation Service

Just a reminder, we will hold a Prayer/Meditation service tonight at 7:00 PM. if you want to connect remotely, here are instructions on how to participate from afar.
We’ve added a page to our website that we’ll keep updated with complete instructions and recent updates, so … read more.

Virtual Worship and Resources

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hello friends!

Last week Rev. Aija, Emily, Pam and I (along with brave lay worship associate Chris) had the… let’s say “thrilling”… experience of completely re-vamping a worship service that had been weeks in planning, and arranging to bring the … read more.