Worship in July

The Worship theme for
July is Potential

July 7– “Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner” Resisting oppression while embracing our oppressors. Ben Ramirez leads the service with worship associate Lisa Balog.


July 14 – “Miracles Can Happen…in New Jersey?!?” Join us in our dining hall for our second “brunch church” as we learn more about our history as Unitarian Universalits, and that miracles can happen, even to UU’s….and even in New Jersey. Bring your favorite brunch dish to share. Pancakes will be provided. [Gluten Free pancakes will be available.] Lynn Sodora leads the service.

July 21 – “Believe”  “I believe in a good strong cup of ginger tea,and that all these shoots and roots will become a tree, and I know I just can’t help but see all of this as so very holy.” – Carrie Newcomer “I believe in believe.” -Ted Lasso. Rev. Chris Kapp leads the service with our teens as worship associates.


July 28 – “The Riddle and the Mystery”  Humankind has created countless stories to try to explain the mystery that surrounds everything. That is all religion really is – people wondering about where we came from, why we are here, and what comes next. Today’s service invites us to join in that exploration. Rev. Cindy Terlazzo preaches with worship associate Susan Rimby.


Rev. Cindy Terlazzo comes to us from the Gettysburg congregation where she has been serving part time for the past 3 years. She had the delightful opportunity to intern with UUCV from 2018 – 2020. Cindy lives in York with her life partner, John Terlazzo. In addition to serving the Gettysburg UU, she also has a full time job as a social worker, serving individuals who have intellectual disabilities. Cindy and John will be moving to Rochester, NY later this summer to live closer to family and watch grandchildren grow up in every day time. She is delighted to join you to explore some of life’s biggest questions – Where Did We Come From and Where are We Goin.


Join us for in-person worship in our Sanctuary every Sunday at 10:30 am or on ZOOM. or “listen in” (without video) by telephone, by calling 646-876-9923 and entering Meeting ID 550 751 6685