Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Children in Kindergarten to 3rd grade are welcome to join our UUCV “Spirit Play” program. This program introduces children to religious education. Established in Montessori philosophy, Spirit Play is based in story and ritual, play and creativity. It gives children the tools to make meaning of their lives and questions such as Who am I, Where did I come from, and What is my purpose within the container of Unitarian Universalism. Each week, Spirit Play topics will stem from the same topic being discussed during service, but tailored to meet the learning needs of the children.

Children are welcome to join us for service in the Sanctuary at 10:30 on Sunday morning. After the Moment For All Ages, they will follow teachers downstairs and take part in the Spirit Play program. After the service ends, children should be picked up by a caregiver directly from their classrooms downstairs by 11:45 am and officially signed out. Please then join our congregation and other families for Coffee Hour in the Social Hall. A Children’s Corner is available in the Social Hall.