Our Mission

It is the mission of the UUCV Lifespan Education program that everyone:

  • Knows that they are held in unconditional love;
  • Knows that they are powerful and have the ability to make changes in the world;
  • Experiences this empowerment as a source of hope and courage;
  • Recognizes that because they are held in love and are powerful, they have an inherent responsibility to use their power to bring more love into the world.

Opportunities for RE in 2020-2021

Although we are not able to gather in person, there will be many opportunities for children and youth to keep learning and growing this year.

Sign up with your mailing address to receive RE materials for children & youth that complement our online resources! Click here to complete this short form by October 7 to be included in our first round of mailing.

Check out our brand new Bitmoji RE rooms filled with resources to continue religious education and faith development virtually throughout the year. These are webpages made to look like classrooms with images that you can click to take you to various resources. Part of the fun is exploring to see what you can find!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER SPIRIT PLAY ROOM (best for ages 4-9, but open to all)

  • Suggested agenda for running a Spirit Play session at home
  • Videos for Spirit Play stories and Story Time with Emily
  • Link to sign your child up for UUCV Pen Pal program
  • Anti-racism resources appropriate for young children
  • Click around to find other fun surprises!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER MIDDLES/YOUTH ROOM (best for ages 9-16; children under 9 may need parental supervision)

  • Question of the Month: middles can anonymously respond to a different question each month, and “love” others’ responses
  • Link to sign your child up for UUCV Pen Pal program
  • Anti-racism resources appropriate for adolescent children
  • Link to Middles & Youth UUA programs happening in our area
  • Click around to find other fun surprises!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER ADULT RE ROOM (best for ages 16+; some materials may not be suitable for children)

  • Question of the Month: Miss our bathroom chalkboard? Anonymously respond to a different question each month, and “love” others’ responses
  • Sign up to be a Pen Pal with one of UUCV’s children
  • Anti-racism resources appropriate for adults
  • Link to recorded sermons and reflections
  • Click around to find other fun surprises!

Ideas for Using Online Classrooms:

  • Use the Spirit Play agenda to run an at-home Spirit Play session with your family at home or with your RE Pod
  • Set aside a time each week for your child age 9-16 to interact with the Middles Classroom, and then talk with you about what they learned
  • After the Moment for All Ages in service, let children & youth interact with these classrooms on their own on a tablet or laptop
  • Answer the Question of the Month during your Small Group Meeting (someone with a laptop or tablet can post answers from the group)
  • Set up a phone or Zoom date with a friend to interact with the Adult classroom together

Director of Lifespan Faith Development

Emily Crutcher is in charge of coordinating religious education programming for UUCV. She can be reached at 717-249-8944 or via email at re@uucv.net   Emily has office hours on Zoom each Monday from 10:30am – 1:00pm (click here to join) and is also available by appointment.

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

UUCV offers an Our Whole Lives sexuality class for different age groups once a year. Click here for more information about OWL.

Religious Education on a Typical Sunday

Note: Due to COVID-19, this typical Sunday RE schedule is suspended.

9:00 am – Adult Discussion Group: Meet every other Sunday in the Board Room to discuss a topic of interest. Click here for a schedule of topics.

10:15 am – Nursery: Children 4 and under can be dropped off at Nursery. A nursery caregiver is available downstairs from 10:15 until 11:45. All nursery children are picked up from the nursery. For the safety of the children in our care all parents are asked to sign their children in and out (sign the Nursery handbook), and first-time visitors fill out a brief registration form.  Note: Snack is served.  Please alert nursery caregiver of any allergies.

10:30 am: Service Time! Children ages 4-12 will stay with caregivers for the first part of service.

Elementary (ages 4-8) and Middles (ages 9-12): Kids are welcomed to join us in service in the Sanctuary at 10:30 on Sunday morning. After the Moment For All Ages, kids follow teachers downstairs and take part in Spirit Play or Middles class. Learn more about Spirit Play here or Middles here.

Coffee Hour:  After the service ends, everyone is welcome to join us for fellowship at coffee hour.  We ask that all nursery and Spirit Play students be picked up by a caregiver directly from their classrooms downstairs by 11:45 am.  There is a Children’s Corner in the Social Hall with toys.

Volunteering for RE

Religious Education programming would not be possible without the time and efforts of our volunteers. In a typical month, we need at least twelve volunteers to be fully staffed. You do not have to be a master storyteller or talented with crafts to contribute! Here are ways you can help out:

  • Nursery Caregiver
  • Spirit Play Teacher
  • Spirit Play Doorkeeper
  • Middles Teacher
  • Youth Group Leader
  • Adult Discussion Leader
  • Substitute RE Coordinator
  • Other family events

Contact the Director of Lifespan Faith Development to learn more about how you can get involved.

Current volunteers, click here for information about completing required PA background checks.

Service Days and Family Events

The RE program strives to offer events and activities for all ages that foster community service, social action, and fellowship among kids and their families.  Please keep an eye on our events calendar to see upcoming events.