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Chance for Freedom PA

Join David Garlock, the PA State Organizer for Straight Ahead as they work to create a Geriatric/Medical Parole and to Abolish LWOP. He is hosting an event in Chambersburg on October 30th at 11 am at Memorial Park. This is for Franklin, Cumberland and Adams … read more.

CARES Meal for October

OCTOBER Carlisle CARES Meal –
A Fall Chili Dinner on Sunday, Oct 24

Chili Dishes Needed – 2 Meat Chilis

Corn Bread – 4  8×8 pans needed

Cole Slaw – 2 dishes needed

Fresh Fruit – Bananas

Thanks to everyone who donates to these meals. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Please contact … read more.

2021 Backpack Blessing Tokens

On September 12, we held our 2021 in-gathering ceremony and together, we blessed our 2021 Backpack Tokens. These are small tokens with a UUCV design and one of ten blessings phrases on a chain that you can easily attach to a backpack, purse, … read more.

Antiracism at UUCV

Anti-Racism Initiative

What can UUCV do to break down racial barriers in our community?  What actions are we interested in pursuing as a congregation?  Join us for a brainstorming session with Rev. Craig on Sunday, September 19th at 1:30pm on the church Zoom channel.  We can … read more.