Authors of “Cousins” Coming to Carlisle

Moving Circles is bringing the authors of COUSINS, a real life story of racial reconciliation to Carlisle – Please try to attend and bring some friends! Support dismantling racism and educating ourselves and others.  You can help!
Phoebe Kilby is White. Betty Kilby Baldwin is Black. Kilby’s family’s ancestors once enslaved the ancestors of Kilby Baldwin’s family. Together, they have committed to a path of reconciliation which includes a working reparations project they conceived together.

What happens when a White woman, Phoebe, contacts a Black woman, Betty, saying she suspects they are connected through slavery? A surprise. Betty responds, “Hello cousin.”

Open to exploring difficult truths and sharing an admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King, they embark on a path toward reconciliation. Each tells her dramatic story – from Betty’s experience desegregating a segregated high school, to Phoebe’s eventual question to Betty: How do I begin to repair the harms?

Phoebe Kilby and Betty Kilby Baldwin will tell their story in Carlisle, at the Carlisle United Methodist Church on April 30 at 7:00 pm. The event will include a book signing by the authors afterwards. All authors’ proceeds from sales of the book are donated to the Kilby Family Scholarship Fund, which offers college scholarships to descendants of the people Phoebe’s family enslaved, including Betty’s grandchildren.