Purpose: To introduce and support SoulCollage® practice by providing card-making time, images, guidance for readings and technical support. SoulCollage® is a spiritual and self-development practice created by Seena Frost of making small collages from magazine pictures, photographs, other print material to represent parts of one’s Self (Committee), one’s friends, family and respected people (Community), chakra animal energies (Companions) and meaningful archetypes (Council).

Responsibilities: To explore ourselves, to create cards, to use our cards for self-discovery through readings and journaling, to have fun, to support each other.

Meeting place: Board Room on the ground level of UUCV’s Meeting House

Meeting Time: 1st Saturday of the month from 9 a. m. to Noon (When the first Sat. is part of a holiday weekend, the session is moved to the second Sat.)

Contact: Dot Everhart, [email protected]