The UUCV Annual Auction is one of our most popular fund raisers. The auction earns significant funding to help the congregation further its missions and is one of the most well-attended events of each year. On the same evening, we also hold a Youth Auction which allows kids to have their own party and is a way for parents of young children to attend the adult event.

Working with the Auction Committee, the UUCV Auction Artists create a magical wonderland for the night of the auction with a new theme each year. Many guests dress in costumes reflecting the theme and great fun is had by all.

Our annual auction, a one-night affair, actually lasts much longer as events purchased on that night are held throughout the year. These events, our most popular items to bid on, foster fellowship and strengthen ties to UUCV. Long time members and new members alike get to know each other in deeper, more personal ways at these events, which, in the long run, benefits UUCV’s membership and the participation of those members in the life of UUCV.

The auction is an all-volunteer event, and many hands are needed to make it a success. There are tasks for anyone who wants to be involved, from carrying tables, to donating events and items for sale, to providing food and drink for the evening. Anyone interested in participating on the auction team is encouraged to do so. For information, please check the UUCV website or email [email protected]

UUCV is an important community, both to its congregation and to the region. To maintain our viability, we rely upon the generosity of our members and friends. Please continue to offer your time, talents, and treasure in support of the church and its work.

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