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Bring an Umbrella!

Good morning! We are STILL ON for worship outside UUCV this morning (10/24/21) despite the light rain. Please bring an umbrella and rain boots! We may have a slight rain delay as we set up, because it’s looking like rain might stop between … read more.

2021 Backpack Blessing Tokens

On September 12, we held our 2021 in-gathering ceremony and together, we blessed our 2021 Backpack Tokens. These are small tokens with a UUCV design and one of ten blessings phrases on a chain that you can easily attach to a backpack, purse, … read more.

Want to sing with the choir for Easter?

The sun is shining!  The snow is melting!  Easter can’t be far away!

Sure enough, the UUCV Choir will be putting together another recorded choir piece for Easter Sunday worship.

Singers of all ages and levels of experience (and, frankly, in any location!) are welcome to join … read more.

Parent Support Space: This Friday

Open Drop-In Parent Session: this Friday, Sept 18 from 7:00-8:00pm

Come share with other parents – what is working for your kids right now? Do you have resources or strategies to recommend? Do you just need a space to vent and be heard? This session … read more.

It’s not too late to sing in the choir!

While singing together in person is still a far too risky behavior for us to engage in, our fearless intrepid brave guardedly optimistic music director David has been exploring ways to bring the sound of the choir back to UUCV worship, even during the pandemic.  … read more.