Our Choir shares special music in worship several times each month, under David’s direction, performing music from a variety of sources, styles, and traditions. Occasional solo opportunities give the congregation a chance to enjoy featured performances by many of our talented vocalists. 

Singers interested in joining the choir need not have any prior experience in choral singing, music-reading, or voice training, and no auditions are required.  To sing with the choir, simply join us in the Sanctuary a few minutes before 8:45 AM on the Sunday morning we sing.  (See below for a schedule of upcoming choir Sundays.)  We’ll learn and polish all of the music for that morning’s service during that 8:45 rehearsal, and you’ll have a break from 9:45 to 10:30 to caffeinate, practice self-care, and prepare for worship.  We ask that choir singers wear all black, or black with a “splash” of a particular color theme.  (The color theme for the day, if applicable, is included on the choir schedule below.)

When we’ve scheduled music that’s particularly accessible to younger singers, we identify the service as a “Family Choir” service.  (Those services are highlighted in yellow on the schedule below.)  Singers of all ages (and their parents/guardians) are welcome to join us for these services.  (Christmas Eve is a special Family Choir experience; see this page of David’s website for more information.)

If you’d like to get a head start on learning music before the Sunday we sing it, resources are often available on David’s website.  (You’ll need a password to access the page.  Contact David if you’re a new choir member or if you’ve misplaced your login information.)

Sound exciting?  If you’re planning to sing with the choir on a particular Sunday, you can help David out by indicating your plans on the “Signup Genius” found here.