Joyous Choir 2Our Choir shares special music in worship approximately twice monthly, under David’s direction. Auditions are not required, but members commit to attending weekly rehearsals on Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 PM at the UUCV Meeting House. (If your schedule would require you to miss more than about 6 rehearsals per year, the choir may not be the right commitment for you.  You may wish to explore Small Group Ministry, or contact David to discuss other ways to be involved musically.)

The choir performs music from a variety of sources, styles, and traditions; in English and other languages; a cappella or accompanied by piano or other instrumentation. Occasional solo opportunities give the congregation a chance to enjoy featured performances by many of our talented vocalists. Interested singers are welcome to sit in on rehearsals at any time without committing to perform with the group, and may contact David with any questions before visiting.

Current choir members can find rehearsal schedule, rehearsal notes, and other resources on David’s website.  (Contact David if you’ve misplaced your login information.)