During the quarantine

Because singing is, unfortunately, generally believed by scientists to be a high-risk behavior for transmission of respiratory droplets, our choir will be functioning in a “virtual” capacity until such time as a preventative vaccine against COVID-19 is readily available to the public.

Singers of all ages and levels of experience (and, frankly, in any location!) are welcome to join the UUCV Choir during this “virtual” period.  In order to participate in the choir, you’ll just need a reliable internet connection and the ability to record your vocals in a quiet location while listening to accompaniment tracks through headphones.  To get started, David asks that you schedule a time to talk with him one-on-one (via Zoom or telephone) about your singing experience, goals, struggles, and the like.  You can check his calendar for available meeting times and select one that works for you by clicking here.  (Please allow 15-20 minutes to complete a short questionnaire as you’re scheduling your meeting.)

When the quarantine ends

When a vaccine against COVID-19 becomes readily available to the public, we will begin planning for a return to in-person choir, as follows:

Our Choir shares special music in worship several times each month, under David’s direction, performing music from a variety of sources, styles, and traditions. Occasional solo opportunities give the congregation a chance to enjoy featured performances by many of our talented vocalists.

Singers interested in joining the choir need not have any prior experience in choral singing, music-reading, or voice training, and no auditions are required.  To sing with the choir, simply join us for rehearsal in the Sanctuary at 7:30 PM on any Monday evening.  (We do occasionally cancel rehearsal for weather or other unforeseen causes; if you’d like to confirm that we’ll be there it’s wise to notify David that you plan to attend.)

Choir members commit to attending and participating in the final three rehearsals (two Mondays plus Sunday morning at 9:00 AM) prior to singing with the choir in worship on any given Sunday.

On Christmas Eve each year we offer a special Family Choir experience, in which singers of all ages are invited to participate with no prior rehearsal or singing experience; see this page of David’s website for more information.