Speaker: Rev. Meg Mathieson

Worship: “All Things Article II”

Are they taking our 7 Principles away? Not quite, but there are some big conversations happening at the denominational level around redefining our faith itself. All are welcome to be part of the conversation this Sunday at UUCV!  Rev. Meg Mathieson preaches. 

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Worship: “Laughter as Prayer”

Unitarian Universalists are encouraged to define prayer in increasingly expansive and imaginative ways. Today, join us for a service of levity as we explore the ways that we UUs find humor in the world and turn laughter into prayer.  Rev. Meg Mathieson preaches.

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Worship: “Blooming!”

All are welcome as we remember the 100th anniversary of the first Flower Communion with a joyous service, welcoming New Members and celebrating our beloved community! Rev. Meg Mathieson preaches with worship associate Lynn Sodora.

Our guest musician is Steven Mitchell (Max)

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Worship: “Embracing your Life”

Join us as we celebrate week 8 of our Mindful Self-Compassion series! During this service, we will share all the ways that MSC has brought more peace into our lives. All are welcome, even if you missed the other weeks in the series! There is … read more.

Worship: “Difficult Emotions”

Dealing with difficult emotions is a daily challenge of being human. Mindfulness can help. This morning, we face our “bad” emotions with the tools of Mindfulness, Common Humanity, and Compassion. Rev. Meg Mathieson preaches with worship associate Lynn Sodora.

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Worship: “Loving Kindness”

Many of us are aware of the Buddhist concept of Metta, or Lovingkindness, but what does it mean to turn this practice toward ourselves? This Sunday we gather to bolster one another along on our paths toward mindful self-compassion. Rev. Meg Mathieson preaches with … read more.

Worship: “Mindfulness”

For the second week in our series on Mindful Self-Compassion, we focus on Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a buzz word that you have likely heard, but what does it really mean? How can Mindfulness help us along our spiritual paths as UUs?

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Worship: “Mindfully Honoring our Past”

This Sunday we celebrate UUCV’s 25 year anniversary! Join us as we celebrate with special voices and love, focusing on something called “Mindful Self-Compassion.” As UUs we talk about the importance of compassion, but we rarely exercise it toward ourselves. How can we do this … read more.