CARES Meal – November 19

The November meal for Community CARES Carlisle will be delivered on Sunday, November 19, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and should provide enough food to feed 45 – 50 people. This meal will include pot pie casseroles and pies for dessert.


**POT PIE CASSEROLES**  7 needed.

They should contain either Chicken or Turkey and vegetables. There are lots of easy 9×13 recipes online for these casseroles,and they can use either store bought crust, biscuits, or bisquick mix for toppings.  Rotisserie chickens are perfect for the meat in these recipes too. Frozen mixed veggies are perfect also. *PINTREST* Chicken Pot Pie Casseroles for recipes. – EASY RECIPES!! 

If anyone shops at COSTCO, they have large ready to bake Fantastic Chicken Pot Pies also!!  They feed at least 8 people. They are awesome!!

WE REALLY NEED  7 of these casseroles!!!  

APPLESAUCE – 5 Large Jars

FRESH FRUIT – Large bags of Bananas, Oranges, Apples

DESSERT- 6 Large Pumpkin or Apple Pies

BEVERAGES – Milk 2 gal, Coffee, Creamer

Please email Pam [email protected] if you can help provide any parts of this Thanksgiving meal for CARES on November 19.

THANK YOU for food, check, and grocery card contributions for these meals. And 45 – 50 people in need will be pleased to have a warm & nutritious meal!