Invitation to New Small Group Ministry Experience

Some of us are interested in forming a Small Group Ministry circle that will meet on or close to each of the eight festivals on the Wheel of the Year. The session plans would follow the standard SGM format with lighting the chalice, reading the group’s covenant, a time for check-in, a reading about the festival, several questions to share in a round robin fashion about that festival’s meaning, a time for silent reflection, and extinguishing the chalice. 

The timing of meetings would follow this schedule:

 Imbolc: February 2nd

 Spring Exquinox: March 20th

 Beltane: May 1st

 Summer Solstice: June 21st

 Lammas: August 1st

 Fall Equinox: September 22nd

 Samhain: October 31st

 Winter Solstice: December 21st

The group can decide whether or not to meet on the actual festival date or to standardize the day of the week. We anticipate the sessions for the foreseeable future to be a Zoom or hybrid session to keep us all safe. Leadership of each session would rotate, taking turns providing the readings and questions. When Covid no longer poses a threat, the group can decide where to meet: in each other’s homes, at UUCV or in a location where we could gather around a fire pit. When the festival occurs on a Sunday, this SGM might be involved in planning and leading the UUCV worship service. Perhaps a public community-wide event could be offered for Samhain or one of the Solstices. 

If you are interested in participating in such a group, please send an email to Dot Everhart at or call her at 717-991-3539. We might meet via Zoom in January for an organizing session. We expect this group to be comprised of 8-12 UUCV members and friends. If we have a larger group of interested people, we can form multiple groups. Once folks have a chance to express interest, we’ll proceed with an organizing session. Hope you will consider joining us!