Post your Auction Items

It’s time to post your Auction items for the UUCV Online Auction:

For those of you unsure about how to prepare a donation for an online auction, we on the committee have prepared a brief tutorial.  Please email the information below to

How to describe your item:

1. Start with a title or name the item.

2. Be brief but descriptive. In three or four lines at most, give details about the item that may entice the bidder.

3. Include the dimensions.

4. Include an asking price. This is the price that you will not sell for any lower. All items must start at $25.00 minimum.

5. If you are willing to arrange a viewing of larger priced items with a potential bidder before the close of the auction, please state “In-person viewing can be arranged.” The bidder’s phone number will be provided to you to schedule a mutually agreed upon meeting.

6.  Make sure you include pictures of your item(s)

RJ Lesch and Cathy Dewalt will see that your item(s) get on the auction block.

Take note that all items submitted for bidding must be worth at least $25.00. When the auction ends, bidders and sellers will be notified and winning bidders can make arrangements with the seller for picking their items up. Sellers will collect a check or cash from the bidder and forward it to the church office. Please indicate with the submission your name and that the cash or check is for the auction.