Worship for June

The Worship Theme for June is Delight



June 4 – “Blooming” All are welcome as we remember the 100th anniversary of the first Flower Communion with a joyous service, welcoming New Members and celebrating our beloved community! Rev. Meg Mathieson leads the service with worship associate Lynn Sodora. 


June 11 – “Fall in Love” Guest Speaker Derail Holcomb  “I am excited about Joining you on Sunday, June 11, 2023. That morning we will discuss ” To Delight is TOO fall in Love.” I have overcome many obstacles throughout my faith journey, yet I have grown increasingly aware of Love and Light and the wonder of their amazement. My theology has been formed, transformed, and continues to be reshaped through stepping stones and the struggle of Life. I have learned that my understanding of the Divine is continuously evolving and will continue to develop for the rest of my Life.  I hope that my accomplishments and willingness to learn play a large part in preparing me for this goal.”  Chris Kapp will be worship associate.


June 18 – ” ”  Guest Speaker Rev. Cindy Terlazzo.  Rev. Cindy is delighted to be with her UUCV congregation again and is looking forward to spending time with our UUCV community.  Melissa Mattson is worship associate.


June 25 – “”  Guest Speaker: Michael Piaskowski with worship associate Chris Kapp.


Join us for in-person worship in our Sanctuary or on ZOOM. or “listen in” (without video) by telephone, by calling 646-876-9923 and entering Meeting ID 550 751 6685