Speaker: Rev. Aija Simpson

Worship: “Resisting Despair”

It has often been said that we are Easter Sunday people in a Good Friday world. As more and more of us lose that confidence, how does our understanding of the Easter story change?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship associate Dick Poland.

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Hope their Hopes

Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship
associate Molly Wilkinson. What does it mean to have an identity? What if the
identity you are assigned isn’t yours? Trans Visibility

Where Do We Come From?

What about our past inspires us? Whose dreams are
we fulfilling?   Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship
associate Cathy Dewalt.

Come and Go with Me

We build our future to honor our past. Come celebrate with us as we welcome Rev. Aija home and begin to imagine how that home will grow and change in the coming years.   Rev. Aija Simpson preaches.  Music director David M. Glasgow, with familiar friends Marc Renault on bass and Dani Fiore on drums, will join the choir in celebrating our community, Rev. Aija’s return from sabbatical, and the shared commitment represented by our capital campaign, with two special pieces.

“A New Future” Where are We Going? 

Rev. Aija Simpson preaches her last service before beginning her sabbatical leave with worship associates Michele Burton and Rev. Dr. Kathy Ellis. Music Director David M. Glasgow provides service music, and the choir sings an exhilarating new take on a Sondheim-Bernstein collaboration.