Speaker: Rev. Aija Simpson

“Preaching to the Choir”

People often dismiss “preaching to the choir” as a waste of time. Why would you bother to persude people who already agree with you? But if you don’t preach to the choir, who will teach the congregation the song? This morning we ask, who … read more.

“Now Let us Sing”

How can you sing if you don’t know the song? This Sunday we’ll ask, how do we find our own, unique songs? And where do we find the courage to sing them out loud?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaches with worship associate Cathy Dewalt.

“Telling Our Stories”

One Sunday a year we come together to regather and recommit to our beloved community. On that Sunday we ask, where have you been? What have you brought home with you? What has changed? Please bring water from your past year’s journeys to share.   Rev. … read more.

Worship: “Hope”

Blessing of Backpacks. Bring a backpack/purse.handbag as we perform our first annual blessing of the backpacks. Come let your community bless you as you go on your journey. We will explore the difference between hope and optimism.  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship associate Chris … read more.

Worship: “Sacrifice”

What re you willing to sacrifice for? Your family? Your beliefs? Your faith?  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship associate Michele Burton.

Worship: “Sin”

Have you ever been told to hate the sin and love the sinner? Did it make steam come out of your ears? Come explore our complicated relationship to the idea of sin.  Rev. Aija Simpson preaching with worship associate Julie Ham.