RE Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for our 2019-2020 year of religious education!

Please complete this form by Sunday, September 8th at the latest.

Click here to access the online registration form.


Who needs to register?

Anyone with a child ages 0-13 should complete the registration form.


Can I put all of my children’s information on one form?

Please fill out one form per child. We want to get to know your kids as individuals and do our best to meet their needs.


What if I am not sure how often we will attend this year?

Even if we only get to see your children a couple of times this year, it is still important for us to have updated contact information and medical information.


What about Youth Group for ages 14-17?

We are in the process of rebuilding our Youth Group: we need enough teachers and students this age attending regularly to hold programming. If you are interested in teaching or have kids this age who want to attend, please contact Emily ( We can create opportunities for youth to come together throughout the year if there is interest.

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