Potluck for PA

To date, UUJusticePA is $12,000 short in meeting our annual budget.  Analysis of our three types of income (share the plate/congregational donations, grants, and individual donations) show that individual donations are falling short of what we need to cover our expenses. At last evening’s quarterly liaison call, we kicked off a fundraising campaign that aims to close that gap!


Have you ever noticed how potlucks just always seem to work out?  Everybody brings what they have. What they want to share. From small contributions to large ones, and everything in between.  And somehow, as if by magic…there’s suddenly a feast. There’s diversity and celebration. Everyone gets fed – and in abundance!  That’s the idea behind Potluck for PA, our 2023 summer-into-fall fundraiser.

We’re asking everyone, quite simply, to give what they canFrom $10 to $20 to $50 or more. If we all chip in, those donations will fill our virtual basket – and nourish our justice work through the end of this year!  We plan to be recharged and ready this fall, when the PA Legislature is back in session.

If life is indeed a potluck, UUJusticePA believes that justice deserves a seat at the table. Our campaign runs from now through September 30th. Thanks for your commitment to UUJusticePA as we work to close the gap in our annual budget!