UUCV Capital Campaign – Historical Beginnings

December 2016 – The UUCV Board of Trustees determined a cohesive plan was needed to preserve our most expensive asset, the building, and to make improvements for the benefit of the entire congregation. A plan was initiated to evaluate financial options for major renovations.

April 2017 – A “Next Steps Weekend” program was presented by Barry Finkelstein, consultant from Unitarian Universalist Stewardship for UUs. The weekend meetings and discussions were intended to determine the congregation’s readiness to launch a capital campaign.

May 2017 – Barry Finkelstein’s report states: UUCV is well positioned to run a successful capital campaign.

Sunday, July 30, 2017 – Town Hall Meeting

A congregational vote unanimously approved planning for a capital campaign. The Capital Campaign Steering Committee was formed, and continued to work hard to gather information, develop plans, and communicate the numerous steps in the planning process.

August 20, 2017 – Launched the “visioning phase” of the capital campaign planning. Reverend David Pyle, UUA Staff Primary Contact, led the “Held by a Vision” worship and workshop.

Early September 2017 – Cottage Meetings gathered information on the congregation’s visions and dreams for UUCV.

October 2017 – Building tours provided an opportunity for everyone to view and envision a safer, friendlier, more energy efficient UUCV.

November-December 2017 – The Steering Committee, Visioning Team, and Planning Team evaluated information from the cottage meetings, designs from an architect, and cost estimates to formulate three price-point package options to present to the congregation.

January 2018 – Package Presentation Day

September 2018 – Pledge Drive