UUCV Online Auction – Now OPEN

You must create an account at https://www.32auctions.com/UUCVSpring2022 to bid!

Online preview and bidding can take place from May 7 – May 13 @ 5:00 pm.

In 32auctions, you will see two different types of items listed:

(1) Sign Ups Fixed Price, where you will bid the price set by the event host. These events are Limited to the number set by the host. The Remaining number allows for additional bidders. If these events are oversold, the winning bids limited to the set number of seats will be selected at the Live Auction. These are listed as ‘Buy Now” items and the auction software will automatically generate an invoice to you saying you have purchased the event. Think of this as a place holder until the end of the auction (May 14), when winners will be announced and payment can be made.

(2) Escalating Bids, which includes food items and everything else, that will use traditional auction escalating bidding, highest bidder wins.

Bidding on all items will start online on May 7 at 5 pm and continue until May 13 at 5 pm.

After May 13 at 5 pm, all bids will be transferred to bidding sheets and continue at the Live Auction.

If you cannot attend the Live Auction but want to make sure you win an Escalating Bid item, you can appoint a Bidding Buddy to continue bidding for you with your bidding number.

Auction Payment

Remember there is no “check-out” this year! At the conclusion of the Live Auction, invoices will be emailed that can be paid online or after church on Sunday May 15. If you get an invoice before the Live Auction, please hold off on payment until the Final Invoices come out after the conclusion of the Live event. Online payment can then be made via credit card or PayPal.

We will be here on Sunday the 15th to collect any cash or check payments that cannot be made online. Make checks out to UUCV and include bidder number on memo line.