African American Memorial Fund – Change for the World

AAMFund is a nonprofit organization that provides support and financial assistance to African American families, whose unarmed loved ones have been killed by law enforcement. The organization helps in two main ways:

1. Providing scholarships to assist with the victim’s children’s education2. Helping with burial expenses for the family

African Americans are disproportionally being killed by law enforcement at an alarming rate. In 2015, Blacks were approximately 13% of the U.S. population, but in that same year, 36% of all unarmed people people killed by police were Black.

Since 2015, police officers have fatally shot at least 135 unarmed Black men and women nationwide, and an NPR investigation that examined police, court, and other record details, found that at least 75% of the officers were white.

Floyd Stokes, who founded AAMF, is also the Executive Director of the American Literacy Corporation since 2000.  You also may remember him as the creator of the SuperReader, who encouraged pre-K and elementary students to read books.