Adult RE Discussion Group/Fall Planning Session-Sunday Aug. 1

The Adult RE class will be meeting at the church (and via Zoom for those who can’t attend in person) on Sun. Aug. 1 at 12:30 PM to propose and select topics for our Fall 2021 series of classes. Anyone is welcome to attend this planning session—new comers as well as seasoned participants. From September to December we typically hold classes two Sundays per month. Each class is usually an hour or so in length. During a class, a participant will share information on a topic they have volunteered to present and will allot time either during and/or at the end of their presentation for discussion. Examples of recent discussion topics include: Naturalism Revisited, How We Choose our Beliefs, The Akashic Field, Choosing What You Feel, Journaling as a Spiritual Practice, Mental Health Recovery Services, Mega Churches, and Wisdom Christology. Keep the following in mind. First, you can participate in the Adult RE discussion group without ever having to host a class–feel free to attend and just listen and speak up as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Second, if you would be interested in leading a class discussion, but are maybe a bit hesitant, don’t feel as if you need to be an expert on a topic in order to host a class. The preparation you do to host coupled with the discussion and feedback during a class can be a stepping stone on your journey to a deeper understanding of a topic that is of interest to you. Finally, can’t think of a topic you’d like to speak about? Then maybe consider presenting your story—share what has shaped and sustained you along life’s winding road (our life stories as sacred texts).