Greetings from the Auction Committee


We are now on the downside of the ice slope to auction opening.

I wish I could let you all know that we have many items to bid on, but quite frankly, we do not.

The items currently up for auction are really nice, but we could use some more. I have decided to do away with the $25 value on items to be auctioned and open it to any nice item that we may be able to auction for the church.

Some of you are artists and craft persons. Perhaps you have some handmade jewelry, wall hangings, or blankets, or quilts. One person suggested they may donate a wine basket. It would be great if we could get items such as these or anything else that your creative minds may come up with.

Please help make this auction which begins on November 27 a success!

It’s extremely easy to participate. Shoot a few pictures, come up with a nice description and send it to and the committee will take care of the rest.

Please remember, your donated items no longer need to have a $25 value and  the auction committee appreciates your support.

Cathy Dewalt

Auction Committee Chairperson