Speaker: Dot Everhart

Worship: “The Attitude of Gratitude”

Thanksgiving is a special day for many families. Myths about the first Thanksgiving abound. Regardless of the myths, one important takeaway about Thanksgiving is that an attitude of gratitude yields mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits whenever we adopt it. One choice is to incorporate … read more.

“HER IS Beautiful”

The 6 traits of being human: humor, eroticism, rebelliousness, imagination, spirituality and beauty. The first letter of each of these makes an acronym HERISB. Dot Everhart preaching with worship associate Julie Ham.  Carole Knisely provides service music

Seeking Balance

The Spring Equinox (March 20) is a time of balance between hours of daylight and night. In this time of challenging news, many people report increasing disequilibrium or feeling unbalanced. We’ll explore some ways to celebrate the equinox and to invite more balance into our lives. Dot Everhart preaching with worship associate Michele Burton.