UUCV_ChoirMusic is an essential part of our worship life at UUCV!

Our music director, David M. Glasgow, is our longest-serving staff person, having been hired by our first settled co-ministers in 2007.  David’s musical leadership has been a cherished point of stability throughout our two interim ministries and into the calling of our new settled minister.  “Here Together,” the musical bookends that we use to begin and end worship most weeks, and “As You Go from This Room,” the song we sing as our children depart for religious education classes, are both original Glasgow compositions; and David’s experience as an ordained minister is evident not only in his knack for creating effective worship transitions, but also in the preaching he offers during our roughly-annual Music Sunday services.

In collaboration with Rev. Aija and our lay worship associates, David begins planning weeks in advance to select vocal and instrumental music that supports the preacher’s message, considering in the process not only “first-hearing” lyrical allusions, but also more subtle details such as composer/lyricist biographies, cultural associations, and musical imagery. On any given Sunday UUCV worshipers are as likely to hear Duke Ellington, Stephen Sondheim, or Randy Newman as they are Bach, Beethoven, or Brahms, and worshipers frequently express their appreciation for the way music supports our worship experience as a whole.

Sunday worship usually includes instrumental pieces featuring our wonderful Yamaha GC1 grand piano (a 2004 gift to the congregation), plus special vocal music from David, the UUCV Choir, or a special guest musician.  Most services also include several opportunities for congregational singing—our pew racks hold ample copies of the UUA hymnals Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey.  All of our music is supported by volunteer sound board operators at the helm of our sanctuary’s 16-channel sound system, custom-installed in 2009.