Director of Lifespan Faith Development

Emily Crutcher

Our Mission

It is the mission of the UUCV Lifespan Education program that everyone:

  • Knows that they are held in unconditional love;
  • Knows that they are powerful and have the ability to make changes in the world;
  • Experiences this empowerment as a source of hope and courage;
  • Recognizes that because they are held in love and are powerful, they have an inherent responsibility to use their power to bring more love into the world.

10:15 am – Nursery: Children 4 and under can be dropped off at Nursery. A nursery caregiver is available downstairs from 10:15 until 11:45. All nursery children are picked up from the nursery. For the safety of the children in our care all parents are asked to sign their children in and out (sign the Nursery handbook), and first-time visitors fill out a brief registration form.  Note: Snack is served.  Please alert nursery caregiver of any allergies.

10:30 am Service Time

Elementary (K-4 grade) & Middle Group (5th – 7th): For beginning of service, go with your parent/guardians to the Main Sanctuary and stay until Children’s Moment.

After Children’s Moment, children and teachers go downstairs for Spirit Play.

Adult Coffee Hour (following service)  Enjoy kid free time & socialize with your fellow adults

11:45 am Pick up your Nursery & K-4th children downstairs (left at 1st hallway – 3rd door on left)

11:45 am Proceed with your children upstairs to Kid’s Corner for Snack & Drinks

Middles Students – will meet parents upstairs at 11:45

Elementary group will participate in Spirit Play.  The Spirit Play curriculum is a UU adaptation of the Godly Play curriculum by Jerome Berryman combined with aspects of the Montessori Method, by Maria Montessori.  The purpose of Spirit Play is to help children find their own answers to some existential questions.

  • How do we choose to live our lives?
  • What are our gifts?
  • How do we use them?
  • Where did we come from?
  • What is our purpose?
  • Why are we lonely and sad sometimes?
  • Why do we die?
  • How do the various world religions interpret these questions?

The Montessori elements free the children to work at their own pace on their own issues. Stories have been developed using current children’s literature, myths, religious stories and church history that cover answers from various sources to the questions above.

Middle Group 5th – 7th grade

During normal Sunday Morning RE Times (5th through 7th  Grade), the lessons plans are from Harry & UU, which can be accessed Information below is pulled from this website.

Although most parents believe social action is important for children, and most children have a natural desire to make the world better, it can be difficult to find meaningful and relevant social action experiences for tween-age children.

Harry and UU is based on the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling, books that immerse children in the idea that one can work to make the world better.

Family Events

On a monthly basis the RE Committee sponsors family fun events with the goal of strengthening our community and relationships through fun events outside the normal service time.

Look future events to be advertised.