Joseph Osborne

Joseph Osborne is filling in as Music Coordinator until a long-term replacement is hired. Eccentric and eclectic, he has done a lot of music:  built harpsichords, played in an Irish band, & tuned pianos. His primary passion is musical theatre where he has done acting, singing and produced a show. Currently he is writing a full length musical.

He has started many businesses, some of which actually made money. He designed, built and sold robots and was an Apple Computer dealer.

He once drove a Manhattan taxi, is a licensed sailplane pilot and likes to create programmed, interactive kinetic sculptures.

Midge, his wife, was a professional landscaper who now plays a lot of bridge. They live in a solar house which Joe designed in 1984 with the first Macintosh that ever came out.

They have two children, adopted from Guatemala, now in their thirties.

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