Tony Matyas

Tony Matyas holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration/Economics specializing in International Trade from The Ohio State University and is a U.S. Navy veteran.

Tony was a member of a team that built adobe homes for low-income people in New Mexico.  For a time he wrote business plans for minority business owners under a Federal- Government- funded program in Columbus, Ohio.  He served as Director of Student Services for Control Data Institute, a post-secondary proprietary school in Houston, Texas.  For 25+ years he was in the Information Technology field and more recently has served on 3 community association boards.  Since becoming a member of the UUCV Community, Tony has started up the Coffee Makers sub-committee, worked the booth at the Strawberry Festival for the last 2 years; and is a member of the Men’s Dinner Group (1st Wednesday of the month), a Small Group Ministry Men’s group (3rd Wednesday of the month) and the Membership Committee.