Dan Cozort

Dan Cozort was a professor of Religion at Dickinson College for 33 years before he retired in July 2021. 

He began his association with UUCV when it was a fellowship meeting monthly at the Friends Meeting House. He has sung with the UUCV choir for many years, has served several stints as a Worship Associate and on the Ministry Committee, and was one of the members of the search committee for our second settled minister.  

He has two children, three step-children, and six grandchildren. He lives in a house in the woods near King’s Gap State Park with his wife, Bethany, with whom he solves a lot of crossword puzzles. He does yoga and weight-lifting regularly and likes to take “hikes” with a special wheelchair. He is working on a book about the relevance of Buddhism to climate change and will teach an online course on that subject in May 2022.